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Adventure Club

School Calendar and General Information

A Message from Mr. Price
The Adventure Club is a student run organization with a faculty sponsor that gets students involved in outdoor activities. The club members can participate in all types of outdoor adventures, such as backpacking, mountain climbing, skiing, camping, snorkeling, scuba diving, and canoeing.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Adventure Club is to promote the respect, protection, and participation in the use of wilderness areas for the recreation of individuals. We believe that these areas are enjoyed most when they are used in the proper manner, therefore, we encourage all members to be aware of their surroundings and have fun with a safe and adventurous spirit. Undoubtedly, there is an inherent risk involved with any adventure sport activity, so all members should be aware of these risks and take the proper precautions before participation.

Dues: $20
This will go towards a portion of the costs of some of the activities.

Possible Activities for the club:
Canoeing through the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
Hiking and a picnic at Lickfork State Park
Scuba Diving Training and Certification
Snorkeling in Florida Springs with Manatees
Backpacking and Camping in the Smokey Mountains
Whitewater rafting in North Carolina
Trip to Columbia Riverbanks Zoo

Club Motto:
Respect the Environment, Protect the Environment, Participate in Your Environment.

Dates and Events

First Meeting

October 10,2001

Room 400 - 2:45 P.M.


Cross Creek High School
3855 Old Waynesboro Road
Augusta, GA 30906