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Economics - 3rd Period

An Introduction To This Class:

Economics focuses on the American economic system; covers fundamental economic systems, microeconomics, macroeconomics, and international economic interdependence. This course stresses the ability to analyze and to make decisions concerning public and private financial issues.

Lessons for the Semester

What is Economics

Economic Systems

Your Role as Consumer

Going Into Debt

Wring Checks and Using Credit Cards

Individual Research Project Presentaitons

Saving and Investing

Supply and Demand

Business Organizations

Competition and Monopolies

American Labor Force

Measuring the Economy

Money and Banking

The Federal Reserve

Government Spends, Collects, and Owes

Review for Exams



CLICK HERE for to request an Emailed copy of the current chapter reviewsheet.


In order for you to have some background understanding of what we will be discussing in class this week, you will answer the all of the section review questions in the chapter and turn them in by the end of class.

We will discuss the chapter so that you understand the material.

We will discuss current events today by watching Headline News. Class participation in the discussions is expected.

We will finish discussing the chapter and then you will have a reviewsheet to complete and turn in. A copy of the reviewsheet is in the Media Center at school and via email if you request one.

You will have a test today covering the material in the chapter.

Need some extra help with this week's assignment? First, try the online help at the "Textbook Resource" link on this webpage. Then, if you need more help, check out the "Help and Assist" page.

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